Fairmont Park Church

Fairmont Park Church in the city of La Porte Texas is a gathering of people that love Jesus, people, and our city . Our music is loud, the atmosphere is relaxed, and the teaching is applicable to life. We value Simple Obedience – because God is God, Remarkable Grace – because all people are valuable, and Unexpected Fun – a lot of fun. We think Churches should make their city a better place.

Worship with us || Sundays at 9a and 1045a


A preschool environment for children ages birth through five years. Our goal is to teach every child that God made them, God loves them, and Jesus wants to be their friend forever.
Sundays at 9a and 1045a.


An environment for elementary kids [K - 4th] including a play room, a large group gathering for worship and teaching, followed by a more personal small group time with adult leaders. Sundays at 9a and 1045a.


5th and 6th grade can be an awkward time - not quite children, not yet teenagers. M56 is a unique gathering for 5-6th graders during the 1045a worship service in the youth room for a teaching time and small groups.


What do you call a group of rhinos? A Crash!
Rhinos weigh two tons, can run thirty miles an hour, and can see only 30 feet ahead.
It's easy to see where they have been.

Habitat for Humanity: For the past 4 years we have donated $5,000 and 2 work days per year.
LPHS: Each year we donate $500, cook lunch for the cast and crew, and several people volunteer countless hours.
Rizzuto Elementary: We feed the teachers and staff on the last day of school, volunteer in the library, assist at the Thanksgiving meal, donate funds to each teacher to help with classroom supplies,
and donate $15,000 per year to fund an extra reading tutor.
Sylvan Beach: During the summer our teens clean the beach on Mondays.
FPC Facilities: We allow many community groups to use our facilities for free for meetings and events:
LP Boys Baseball Association, TIFI Football, American Heritage Girls, Homeowners Association, Chatos, Weddings,
Baby and Wedding Showers, Boot Camps, FFA, and many more.
Christmas Store: FPC members provide toys and meals for 200-300 people each Christmas season.

Our hope is that our community is different - better - because we are here.